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Indiana Dunes is now on Facebook and has it’s many activities planned for August.  Become a fan at  www.facebook.com/indunes to join the over 2,500 current fans and stay abreast of all the happenings going on for the rest of the summer.

Dog Day Greetings from the Dunes! Awaken your spirits and fill your lungs with fresh air in the Dunes this month.  From misty morning walks through the back dunes of Trail 2, to picnics on one over 500 picnic tables in the park, to magnificent evening sunsets over Lake Michigan.   Of course, no visit to the park is complete without a trip to the park Nature Center to take in one of many diverse, educational, and fun interpretive programs also.  Take a beach break this month and join us for any of the great programs being offered.     

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the fun and educational programs coming up this month:


    On Friday, August 7, Join Park Naturalist Katy for a search for Katydids… the nighttime insect!  Meet at the Campground Gate at 8pm for this evening adventure.


     The 3rd Annual Perseid Stargaze is approaching fast!  Saturday, August 8 at the Dunes State Park Beach Pavilion.  Special Native American sky lore and constellation talks will take place as visitors watch the annual meteor shower.  Activities begin at 8:30pm.


      Join us Wednesday, August 19 at 10am for a relaxing stroll through the silent forests as we enjoy the quieter trails now that the local kids are back in school!  Meet at the Nature Center.


        Fall birding is just around the corner!  Join us on Thursday, September 3 for some early fall birds.  We’ll be searching out the now returning warblers and vireos.  Hike meets at the Nature Center at 10am.





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En route, I listened to some of my favorite songbirds singing passionately to attract mates.  Scarlet tanagers belting out their rough, two-syllable “chip-burr” notes, and rose-breasted grosbeaks singing sweetly like robins that had taken voice lessons.  Black-throated green warblers sang a melodious five-syllable phrase that Beethoven would have copied, had he ever had the fortune to walk in an American forest.  The chorus of yellow warblers, redstarts, towhees, veeries and the incomparably beautiful and flute-like wood thrushes produced the music fitting an entry to a magical setting.  And so I entered chest-deep into my favorite pool as a yellow throat flittered out of the bushes to grab a mayfly.

     I took the shortcut, an overgrown trail now used only by deer.  Along the way, like a royal carpet welcoming me, were star flowers, bluet, gay wings, bird’s-foot violets, jack-in-the-pulpits, azaleas, geraniums and lilies of the valley.  I realized, as I paused to enjoy fully the spectacle of these wild and temporal beauties, that I was no longer in a rush to pass them by as I used to be many years back.

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