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Catch up on the latest girlie news in a luxury bed and breakfast with your feet up, wrapped in fluffy robes and slippers, swapping surprising stories as professional therapists transform you into glorious goddesses before hitting the town. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Spa pampering packages allow you to get away with the girls in a more relaxing and indulgent setting than a busy restaurant – or combine the two for a girlie weekend of pure fun and pure relaxation.

Pampering spa treatments allow fun-loving chicks to unwind, leaving refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to slip into heels for a glamorous evening. The option of a soothing massage is also on the cards when heads aren’t so fab the next morning and tired chicks can indulge themselves once more – because you’re worth it!

Girls prefer our tranquil location to accommodate smaller groups of ladies for a more relaxed spa getaway. 877.766.4273 www.songbirdprairie.com


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Songbird Prairie is one of the 900  participating inns, representing 2,700 donated rooms,  in the brand new program started this past summer by Kathleen Panek, innkeeper of Gillum House in W.V.

A plethora of publicity has materialized and some inns reported having their rooms claimed within 3 days of joining the program. Songbird Prairie’s rooms were taken in 1 day!  At an average of $125 per room, this represents more than $325,000.00 of revenue donated to active members of the military or veterans who served previously. Most of the inns are already planning to repeat the program in 2011. Some of our guests will include the Korean, Vietnam and wars in Iraq.
One of the earliest responses Inns have received about the program was: 
Thank you for your thoughtful gift to veterans on Veterans Day.  My wife and I usually stay in  upscale hotels when we travel, but because of your kindness to my fellow veterans, we are going to start looking at B&B’s. I hope many people who have been given a complimentary room will also consider  B&B’s fortheir future travel plans. 
The overwhelming response from the military and veterans was, “thank you for thinking of us.” We say ” Thank you for defending our freedom”

 If you are a vet or are married to a vet we would love for you to plan on staying at Songbird Prairie next year. Our accommodations include fireplaces and whirlpools in all of our guestrooms and a three course hot breakfast served to you in our sunroom.

www.songbirdprairie.com 877.766.4273 877.son.gbrd

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Sandhill Cranes Migrating

Sandhill crane migration peaks mid-November at the Jasper Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area.  The crane count is already over 10,000 this week – and it’s only going to get higher!   One of the best times to enjoy the flocks is at sunset before dinner at your favorite restaurant and a romantic evening at the Songbird Prairie Bed and Breakfast.  All of our rooms have fireplaces to warm you up after a day of being outdoors and whirlpool tubs to relax in.  After a restful night in one of the most comfortable beds you will sleep in, enjoy a three course gourmet breakfast while watching the local birds feeding right outside the breakfast room. 

The Sandhill Crane is one of the largest species of cranes, standing up to 4 feet tall with wingspans of up to 7 feet!  They are usually grey in color with a red forehead and white cheeks.  During the summer, the cranes live “up north”, as far as Northern Canada, and stay there until the weather begins to change and the days start to shorten.  Each year the cranes fly through Indiana on their way to winter in Southern Georgia and Florida – if only we could all do that!  The call of the crane is so loud, it can be heard up to a mile away announcing it’s arrival to the delight of birdwatchers.  Cranes are omnivorous, eating mostly seeds, grass and bugs.  Cranes mate for life and hatch one or two chicks per season, usually migrating as a family unit.  They spend their days busy as a flock then settle down at night for rest in the marsh.

www.songbirdprairie.com  877-766-4273

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This morning I heard a different bird sound and it was a barred owl! He moved his head up down and all around looking for mice and chipmunks in the woods. He stayed on the branch for several minutes as if he was at a photo shoot. What a hoot! I enjoyed watching his beautiful feathers blow in the wind. www.songbirdprairie.com

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